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Evalue Agile Team

We offer the service of our team, which works according to modern methods of agile software development, to system intergrators, technical companies and other businesses that are interested in development of their own software solution. We offer both Time & Material as well as Fix Price contracts depending on the customer preferences.

Evalue Body Shopping

Are you planning a short-term or medium-term project and are you missing the manpower? Then you will appreciate this service. We are able to provide you with project managers, software architects and developers with high level of technical knowledge and professionalism.


Software development is not only our work, but also our passion and therefore we are not afraid to invest in our own solutions that help develop both business and free time activities of miscellaneous type.


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We faced a great challenge. Our outdated back-office system no longer allowed a flexible response to market needs, so we decided to implement a new system on modern technologies. At that moment, we teamed up with eValue.cz. At the beginning we had only a few wireframes showing our basic idea and eValue.cz was able to offer not only a capable development team but also consulting services based on their experience in energetics. It was a demanding project, but the result is worth it. Based on our experience with eValue.cz from this big project, we asked our partners afterwards to create a portal for sharing energy between renewable energy producers and consumers.

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At the time of the unpleasant COVID-19 pandemic eValue.cz supported us quickly. eValue has prepared the 3D4Life website promtly and CEO Lukáš helped us with distribution through his contacts at firefighters, first aid service and hospital. eValue.cz donated a material for the production of protective equipment as well.

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As part of an improvement process of our product PROTANK DYNAMICS, which is focused on Fleet Resource Management, we prepared among others also a project of complex redesign of our application. Because of the considerable extent of the project we needed to expand our capacities for several months. eValue.cz has supplied us with suitable developers within two weeks and after the first wave of the given adjustments they flexibly adjusted the number of developers according to our needs. The collaboration with eValue.cz is pleasing not only because of their professional approach, but also thanks to their capable and skilful developers.

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Our company is focused on the development of large-scale database solutions for internal use by our clients. When we deal with projects where it is necessary to implement and connect also the web portals for retail users to the B/O part we contact the company eValue.cz. Their experienced team always delivers the final product in required quality, in time and moreover with clear emphasis on the needs of the customer.

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We have been cooperating with the company eValue.cz for long time. Because our company is growing continuously we are still more and more in need of contract workers for implementation of our projects. eValue is a partner that delivers its services in required quality and arranged time.

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Our company is very satisfied with collaboration with eValue.cz and therefore we are always happy to ask them for help, as e. g. by redesigning internet banking for our important client, when we needed to expend our capacities and eValue.cz provided us with suitable coders via bodyshopping. Thanks to eValue.cz we also gained a skilful Solution Architect and an AngularJS Developer.

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By preparation of a new online self-service for our important client UPC we needed to develop the front-end part of the project according to our design in relatively short time, but we were missing the necessary manpower. eValue.cz was able to supply us quickly with a complete team of developers incl. Project Manager and Tester and after the project was finalized they adjusted the number of developers for additional adjustments. To deal with people from eValue.cz is very pleasant and we are looking forward to final project evaluation in a Moravian wine cellar.

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eValue.cz is a partner who never let us down. We solved many big projects together that were based on different technologies (.NET, JAVA, React) and everything always met our expectations.

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We started as a classic startup - it was a big “punk”. At some point, however, we realized that it was necessary to focus on the quality and sustainability of the code because of the future development. The task of eValue was to rewrite the UI to LESS. This project was successful and many other followed - email templates, accessibility, new marketing microsites, etc. The team of eValue.cz has always provided truly professional services.

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We met the eValue developers right at the outset of our ambitious project based on references and positive experiences of some our investors. We appreciate not only the precise technical knowledge of all the developers involved, but also the fact, that everything we agree on, is immediately fully realized.

Ondřej Kofroň, CTO

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About us

We are a team of experienced professionals who are interested in application development. Each one of us is original, each one has another view of the world and each one has his/her own ways to achieve his/her goals, but we always pull together. Every obstacle is a challenge that we can overcome together and that is why we are an agile engine for the growth of our clients. In our Prague office you can find mainly the brilliant back-end developers, whereas our front-end team is located in Mareš’s villa that is an important cultural heritage in wonderful South Moravian city of Znojmo where we are every day inspired by its surroundings to do our creative work.

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